In 2017 I started to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, resulting in the cancellation of a holiday. As another holiday approached, 6 months later, the anxiety kicked in and I thought I would have to cancel again. But, I contacted June and at short notice, managed to have 3 sessions before the holiday. Calmness prevailed and even the plane journey was a breeze (I was never the best flyer).

So, when another holiday was looming, and a house move was on the cards, I had another 3 sessions. This enables me to be positive, have confidence and enjoy the holiday, not focusing on what may go wrong! Whenever a problem arises, anxiety, phobia or panic attacks, I will have no hesitation in contacting June, a professional, caring and helpful lovely lady.



I had never suffered with feelings of anxiety at all in my life until recently. These feeling were connected to the menopause but began to affect my working life. I began to dread my work – my brain created its own “what if” scenario which caused a loop that just helped the anxiety to come on exactly when I didn’t want it to. So, I contacted June and I am glad that I did. After just a handful of sessions, I definitely have noticed an improvement. Definitely feeling more able to cope with any sensation of anxiety because of the techniques June has passed on. She was so easy to talk to and explained everything so clearly – helping me to understand why I had been feeling as I had. And helping to take away the fear of being in that situation again. All I can say is thank you!

‘I was a little apprehensive before my first session but need not have been as June put me at ease throughout and I found them very relaxing and rewarding. Each session made me feel more positive and inspired me to deal with several things that I had been worrying about and putting off doing for a while. I felt much happier within myself and was pleased I had taken the step of getting help through hypnotherapy. I recommend anyone with issues to ask June for help to try to go forward. I trusted her confidentiality and professionalism.’