Spring is in the air




Spring is in the air and, I think, a feeling of ‘we are getting there’; a sense of emerging.

Dwelling on what has been will only make us feel anxious and keep us feeling fed up. This is a time to look forward with some hope and optimism. Understandably many, many of us have suffered sadness and loss, so steps may need to be small but in the right direction.

People have had to cope with a lot of changes. There have been new challenges. Working has been hectic and at times exhausting for some and new ways of working have had to be learned. Video calling has been a major player to keep businesses operating but are some of us ‘Zoomed’ or ‘Teamed’ out? Working from home has advantages. No commuting, no having to get dressed up and jobs at home can get done in tandem. But for some this has felt rather lonely and isolating. Furlough may have seemed novel at first but may now seem more like ‘limbo land’.

We all now deserve to begin to relax a little and to feel calmer and happier. Gradually some normality will filter back into our lives. If you are struggling right now please bear in mind these suggestions-

You are allowed to give yourself credit and recognition for the fact that you are getting through these strange times. Well done you.

You should be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack.

Dream about the things you would like to do when it is possible. That time will come.

Look for those blue skies. Really see those white clouds of snowdrops, the crocus pops of colour and the chirpy daffodils. Take your woolly hat off and hear the birdsong. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

If you feel you need support, Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing way of helping you cope with challenges and in restoring your confidence.


I am very much looking forward to being able to hug my family and friends again, maybe an evening at the theatre; a comedy I think because I really want to laugh (a lot) and to seeing my clients again ‘in real life’.

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Coping with retirement

Many people look forward to retirement. No more 9-5 routine or perhaps early starts or late-night shifts. Having more time to do things you haven’t had time to do; places to visit, time with family and friends or taking up a new hobby. It all sounds wonderful doesn’t it? However, sometimes the reality can feel a little different and this can take us by surprise. Some retirees suddenly find themselves in a sort of ‘limbo land’ and feel that they no longer have a sense of purpose. This can result in feelings of anxiety and depression creeping in, which can also affect sleep patterns. If this has happened to you, I can help you find your way forward, find enjoyment again and get your sense of purpose back.

Hypnotherapy can help lessen anxiety, encourage positivity, find solutions and improve your sleep. Everyone deserves to enjoy their retirement in whatever way suits them. Make your retirement fulfilling for you.

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Coping with the loss of a loved one.


Losing someone we love is not easy. We miss them. We wish they were still here.

Bereavement instigates feelings such as numbness, anger, sadness, anxiety or regret. These are natural feelings and to a certain extent we need to allow ourselves to grieve and to process our feelings. To cry and to feel the sense of loss is normal.

In time, we can learn to move forward, not forgetting our loved one but instead remembering them so that they, in some way, move forward with us. Remembering happy times, fun times, amusing things they said or did and things they loved doing. Perhaps retelling the tales, they told us to younger members of the family, so that their memories live on.

If you are struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one and feel that you need some support, Hypnotherapy can help you to cope and start to feel that you are able to enjoy life again without feeling guilty. This is most likely what your loved one would want you to do.

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Want to Stop Smoking?

Ready to stop smoking? Need to stop because of health problems already affecting you? Want to stop to minimise any future health issues that may arise?

Hypnotherapy, whilst not guaranteed, can enable you to stop smoking. The first step towards success is that you really have a desire to stop.

The 2-hour intensive session covers information about the effects of smoking and how health may relatively soon be improved by stopping. By explaining how our brains operate in connection with the habit of smoking, it will enable you to understand how it is possible to stop. Hypnosis reinforces your decision to stop smoking in a relaxed and comfortable way.

No more standing outside in the cold? Not so out of breath? Less of the coughing? Perhaps even you don’t like the smell of smoke lingering around you or your home. Want to set a good example to your children? Save money for other things? Maybe you know your partner doesn’t like you smoking and has your best interests at heart? Whatever your reason is; it makes sense to stop.

If you would like to discuss this further or book a session, please contact me through my website email or telephone number- 07941 069966.



Problems with sleeping?

Through spring and into summer, we can all experience being woken up earlier than we would wish by the light and bright of the mornings. But are you waking frequently through the night? Regularly once or more than once perhaps? Sleep issues should be taken seriously and getting checked out with your GP is always advisable to rule out conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes or prostrate trouble.

Lack of sleep can take its toll in many ways and can have a negative impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Sleep deprivation can put you at a higher risk of serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

At the very least, insufficient sleep can make us feel irritable, lethargic, depressed or anxious. It affects our concentration and decision-making and increases the risk of injury and accident. Increased weight gain can also be a resulting factor.

Hypnotherapy can often help with sleep issues. Hypnotherapy can enable you to learn how to relax more, how to think more positively and how to calm your mind. Perhaps you feel that your mind is always ‘buzzing’ and needs to ‘declutter’.  Allowing our brains to process our thoughts more easily and effectively gives us a better chance of a sounder sleep. Ideally, we would all like to think that we can regularly wake up feeling refreshed, much brighter, more energised and ready to take on what the day has in store for us.

If you have sleep issues and would like to discuss them or arrange an appointment with me, please call me on 07941 069966 or by email through my website contact page.


Stressed about an interview or exam? Got a speech or presentation to make?

Do you have an interview or exam to prepare for? A speech to make at a wedding or a presentation to put together for work? Perhaps you feel very stressed and anxious about the thought of it and feel that you lack the confidence to do well on the day.

Hypnotherapy can help in all of these cases. I can encourage you to think positively, boost your confidence and keep calm. There is nothing wrong with a little adrenalin to help us rise to a challenge but if your cortisol levels begin to rise unnecessarily, then this can result in physical responses such as sweating, feeling faint, rapid heart beat and a churning stomach. Not what you need at this time.

An Initial Consultation and one session may be enough to get you on track and feeling much happier and positive. Each case differs and some may require more sessions.

If you have had a bad experience in the past during an interview, exam, presentation or speech, I can also enable you to remove the trauma of a specific case from your thinking. Holding on to this type of negative experience can hinder your future experiences. Using an NLP technique called Rewind/Reframe, together with hypnosis can usually deal with this in 3-4 sessions.

If you would like to discuss this further or book a session, please contact me through my website email or telephone number- 07941 06996.

Phobias – flying

                       Want to jet away to visit a loved one or have a break?

                       Perhaps a fear of flying is preventing you from doing this?

                       Hypnotherapy can help you get to where you want to go.


Phobias, such as a fear of flying, can prevent you from doing things in life and make you feel like you are missing out on things you want to do. You may have a relative or friend who lives abroad, who you would love to visit but you feel that you just can’t face the flight. It might be the take-off or the landing that bothers you or the possibility of turbulence.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy enables you to change your perspective and conquer your fears. I can explain to you how to think positively and put things into perspective. If you have had a bad experience in the past, we can work together to help you make it become unimportant and stop it negatively impacting on your life. You will begin to look to the present and the future with new resolve. Perhaps flying off to a well-deserved holiday or surprising a loved one. You may also surprise yourself when you realise just how confident you can be. Please contact me for more information.




Happy New Year

Happy New Year. The evenings are gradually getting lighter and spring shoots are pushing through the soil. A time to look forward. I have started a tap dancing class and love it. Perhaps you are trying something different or returning to something you enjoy. It’s all too easy to feel too tired to get out and about but once you have done, you usually return feeling a lot more energised and content. Your body has benefitted but so has your brain. Positive activity gives your brain a boost and lifts your mood.  You may be feeling overwhelmed with things at the moment and just getting out and doing some sort of activity will help.

Our brains can get cluttered with so many negative thoughts that it feeds feelings such as anxiety, anger or depression. Just like decluttering your house can make you feel pleased with yourself and somehow more organised and calm, decluttering your brain is the same. Starting with just a shelf or a cupboard at a time makes you feel more positive. You can give yourself a ‘pat on the back’ and you are motivated to continue. Likewise, taking steps to learn how to change the way you think will motivate you into leading a more positive life. Hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you do just this. So, whilst I won’t offer to help you tidy your shelves, I can help you ‘tidy’ your brain. Please contact me if you would like me to discuss things further. Telephone: 07941 069966






Wonderful Life

If you have not already seen the film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, check through your channels this Christmas to find it. Watch and enjoy. It is an old film but a very heartwarming one. When things start to go wrong for George Bailey, he starts to believe that he has not achieved anything in his life and that he has been a failure. George becomes very depressed until Clarence arrives to remind him of all the good things he has done, how his life has impacted on so many people and just how much he is loved.

Christmas can be a lonely time for some. Just like George Bailey, people can find themselves dwelling on the negatives in their life. However, there will always be positives if you look for them. The positives may not always be big events but are often small and quite simple things.  You can help yourself feel more positive by working on the three P’s. These are:-

Positive Activity

Positive Interaction

Positive Thinking

Helping other people is an example of positive interaction. Helping someone else in some way will not only be wonderful for them but just as wonderful for you. A smile is a good starting point. See how many people smile back when you smile at them.

If you need help with depression, contact me for a chat and we can see how I might help you.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas.



Relax And Enjoy The Festive Season

Christmas can be an exciting and busy time. But at times it can also be overwhelming. Stress levels rise. What do I wear for the office party? Will I fit in and look good enough? What on earth do I buy for someone who has everything? Can I face the queues at the tills? Can I afford all of this? Can I cope with all the guests I have coming over? Will my in-laws approve of my Christmas cooking?  Well, first of all, stop and just breathe. Seriously, breathe in deeply for the count of 7 and breathe out deeply for the count of 11. Repeat 5 times. Remember it as the 7/11.

When we get anxious, without realising it our breathing gets quicker and shallower and we feel panicky. Just slowing down and breathing deeply will help us feel calmer and more in control. Very handy for fighting through the throngs of Christmas shoppers, who all seem to walking the opposite way to you at a snail’s pace banging in to you with various sharp-edged packages and bags. Not to mention the moment when you regret putting an extra layer on because it was cold and now inside you feel like a pressure cooker about to explode.

Relaxing through hypnosis can help you put things into perspective, calm you and give you the confidence to deal with day to day events. As well as the 25 minutes of trance during my sessions, I give you a CD or if you prefer, a download to listen to at home. This helps you to get into the practice of relaxing.

Boosting Your Mood

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” …

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Anne is a fictional character in the children’s book written by L.M. Montgomery but there is a lot of truth in what she says. The power of the mind is amazing. Just thinking about something good can top up our levels of Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which is a type of chemical in the brain that sends signals around the brain. Serotonin levels have been associated with mood changes and in particular with anxiety and depression. Thinking positively can assist in keeping healthy   Serotonin levels. Positive activity and interaction can also help. So, join a yoga class, take a walk, hit the gym or just turn up your favourite music and dance around your lounge. If your activity involves other people all the better. Humans have always benefitted from being part of a group. You get the satisfaction of belonging, helping others and achieving goals together. The next time you have to do something or go somewhere you are not looking forward to, try to find something good about it (there will be something) and decide to look forward to it. The chances are you probably will enjoy it more.

If you struggle with finding the positives in life, I can help you to do this so that it becomes a natural way of thinking for you. You will have a new way of looking at things and enjoy your life more.




Removing Obstacles


Is a tree blocking your path? Do you feel like there is an issue in your life that is blocking you from doing some things you really want to or need to do?  I can help you find options and solutions to deal with your issues. This picture shows a tree that fell down in high winds in the woods where I walk my dogs. One morning I found my path was blocked. One of my dogs jumped over it and the other went under it. I chose to climb over it as I have done ever since but I could have also decided to take a different route. There are always ways forward. It is just a matter of being positive and proactive. If I had reacted negatively, perhaps I would never have trodden that path again, which would have been a shame because it is a lovely walk.

Our brain can go into negative mode very easily if we let it. This relates to our evolutionary instincts. In the days when we humans lived in caves, being on survival mode was a priority for our daily survival. To deal with wild animals and other enemies the brain would trigger the fight/flight/depression mode based in the part of our brain called the Amygdala. Today we still have that mechanism in our brain and sometimes it triggers when we don’t really need it to. For example, perhaps once you had to make a speech and you thought of this as a negative thing, something to worry about. This would have triggered your brain into believing you were in a crisis situation. The result may have been a churning stomach, sweaty palms, a flushed face or a feeling you needed to dash to the toilet. This is your brain instigating anxiety to prepare you for a survival action such as running off or fighting. In some cases, this would still be useful but not when you need to make a speech. The brain then refers back to this reaction the next time you have to make a speech and the same happens again. But it is possible to break this cycle with Hypnotherapy.

In my Initial Consultation, I further explain the workings of the brain in a clear and straight forward manner. Having an understanding of this enables us to work together to put you on a more positive path. Using psychotherapy, which is a talking therapy and hypnosis we can remove obstacles such as anxiety, anger or depression. You can start to enjoy your life knowing that you can be calm and confident. You can follow the path you want to take.

Welcome to my new website

Sometimes issues in our lives can arise, which stop us from living our lives to the full.  Changing our way of thinking can enable us to find positive solutions, to move forward and feel that a burden has been lifted from our shoulders.

I can enable you to achieve this and support you until you feel that you can naturally and confidently progress on your own. Regular Hypnotherapy sessions will help you focus. You will feel more informed of how your brain works and how the way you think impacts on your life. You will learn how to relax more and reap the benefits of doing so. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss how I may help you.