About me

I am a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. I trained with the prestigious Clifton Practice based in Bristol. My training was very comprehensive in both theory and practice. Coming from a business, banking and management background, I understand the importance of good training supported by validated and recognised qualifications, registration with the appropriate associations and on going professional development. My work has always involved working with people and I have acquired skills in training, developing, motivating, managing and mentoring people. I am also a strong believer in excellent customer service. Drawing on these skills and combining them with my desire to help people, led me to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy appealed to me because it is not an ‘airy fairy’ therapy. It is based on up to date neuroscience research relating how the brain works with how we think and the changes we can make for the better. It works with the positive not the negative. The added benefit of trance, which can be likened to ‘day dreaming’ means that the sessions are relaxing and enjoyable.

Seeing the changes in people Hypnotherapy can bring about is very rewarding and satisfying. I feel very pleased for my clients.

Please call or message me if you would like more information or a preliminary chat to find out how I may help you.

Online and telephone sessions are now also available.