Spring is in the air




Spring is in the air and, I think, a feeling of ‘we are getting there’; a sense of emerging.

Dwelling on what has been will only make us feel anxious and keep us feeling fed up. This is a time to look forward with some hope and optimism. Understandably many, many of us have suffered sadness and loss, so steps may need to be small but in the right direction.

People have had to cope with a lot of changes. There have been new challenges. Working has been hectic and at times exhausting for some and new ways of working have had to be learned. Video calling has been a major player to keep businesses operating but are some of us ‘Zoomed’ or ‘Teamed’ out? Working from home has advantages. No commuting, no having to get dressed up and jobs at home can get done in tandem. But for some this has felt rather lonely and isolating. Furlough may have seemed novel at first but may now seem more like ‘limbo land’.

We all now deserve to begin to relax a little and to feel calmer and happier. Gradually some normality will filter back into our lives. If you are struggling right now please bear in mind these suggestions-

You are allowed to give yourself credit and recognition for the fact that you are getting through these strange times. Well done you.

You should be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack.

Dream about the things you would like to do when it is possible. That time will come.

Look for those blue skies. Really see those white clouds of snowdrops, the crocus pops of colour and the chirpy daffodils. Take your woolly hat off and hear the birdsong. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

If you feel you need support, Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing way of helping you cope with challenges and in restoring your confidence.


I am very much looking forward to being able to hug my family and friends again, maybe an evening at the theatre; a comedy I think because I really want to laugh (a lot) and to seeing my clients again ‘in real life’.

If you would like to arrange an online or face to face appointment, please contact me on 07941 069966 or by email through my website contact page.

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