Want to Stop Smoking?

Ready to stop smoking? Need to stop because of health problems already affecting you? Want to stop to minimise any future health issues that may arise?

Hypnotherapy, whilst not guaranteed, can enable you to stop smoking. The first step towards success is that you really have a desire to stop.

The 2-hour intensive session covers information about the effects of smoking and how health may relatively soon be improved by stopping. By explaining how our brains operate in connection with the habit of smoking, it will enable you to understand how it is possible to stop. Hypnosis reinforces your decision to stop smoking in a relaxed and comfortable way.

No more standing outside in the cold? Not so out of breath? Less of the coughing? Perhaps even you don’t like the smell of smoke lingering around you or your home. Want to set a good example to your children? Save money for other things? Maybe you know your partner doesn’t like you smoking and has your best interests at heart? Whatever your reason is; it makes sense to stop.

If you would like to discuss this further or book a session, please contact me through my website email or telephone number- 07941 069966.



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