Stressed about an interview or exam? Got a speech or presentation to make?

Do you have an interview or exam to prepare for? A speech to make at a wedding or a presentation to put together for work? Perhaps you feel very stressed and anxious about the thought of it and feel that you lack the confidence to do well on the day.

Hypnotherapy can help in all of these cases. I can encourage you to think positively, boost your confidence and keep calm. There is nothing wrong with a little adrenalin to help us rise to a challenge but if your cortisol levels begin to rise unnecessarily, then this can result in physical responses such as sweating, feeling faint, rapid heart beat and a churning stomach. Not what you need at this time.

An Initial Consultation and one session may be enough to get you on track and feeling much happier and positive. Each case differs and some may require more sessions.

If you have had a bad experience in the past during an interview, exam, presentation or speech, I can also enable you to remove the trauma of a specific case from your thinking. Holding on to this type of negative experience can hinder your future experiences. Using an NLP technique called Rewind/Reframe, together with hypnosis can usually deal with this in 3-4 sessions.

If you would like to discuss this further or book a session, please contact me through my website email or telephone number- 07941 06996.

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