Wonderful Life

If you have not already seen the film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, check through your channels this Christmas to find it. Watch and enjoy. It is an old film but a very heartwarming one. When things start to go wrong for George Bailey, he starts to believe that he has not achieved anything in his life and that he has been a failure. George becomes very depressed until Clarence arrives to remind him of all the good things he has done, how his life has impacted on so many people and just how much he is loved.

Christmas can be a lonely time for some. Just like George Bailey, people can find themselves dwelling on the negatives in their life. However, there will always be positives if you look for them. The positives may not always be big events but are often small and quite simple things.  You can help yourself feel more positive by working on the three P’s. These are:-

Positive Activity

Positive Interaction

Positive Thinking

Helping other people is an example of positive interaction. Helping someone else in some way will not only be wonderful for them but just as wonderful for you. A smile is a good starting point. See how many people smile back when you smile at them.

If you need help with depression, contact me for a chat and we can see how I might help you.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas.



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