Relax And Enjoy The Festive Season

Christmas can be an exciting and busy time. But at times it can also be overwhelming. Stress levels rise. What do I wear for the office party? Will I fit in and look good enough? What on earth do I buy for someone who has everything? Can I face the queues at the tills? Can I afford all of this? Can I cope with all the guests I have coming over? Will my in-laws approve of my Christmas cooking?  Well, first of all, stop and just breathe. Seriously, breathe in deeply for the count of 7 and breathe out deeply for the count of 11. Repeat 5 times. Remember it as the 7/11.

When we get anxious, without realising it our breathing gets quicker and shallower and we feel panicky. Just slowing down and breathing deeply will help us feel calmer and more in control. Very handy for fighting through the throngs of Christmas shoppers, who all seem to walking the opposite way to you at a snail’s pace banging in to you with various sharp-edged packages and bags. Not to mention the moment when you regret putting an extra layer on because it was cold and now inside you feel like a pressure cooker about to explode.

Relaxing through hypnosis can help you put things into perspective, calm you and give you the confidence to deal with day to day events. As well as the 25 minutes of trance during my sessions, I give you a CD or if you prefer, a download to listen to at home. This helps you to get into the practice of relaxing.

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