Removing Obstacles


Is a tree blocking your path? Do you feel like there is an issue in your life that is blocking you from doing some things you really want to or need to do?  I can help you find options and solutions to deal with your issues. This picture shows a tree that fell down in high winds in the woods where I walk my dogs. One morning I found my path was blocked. One of my dogs jumped over it and the other went under it. I chose to climb over it as I have done ever since but I could have also decided to take a different route. There are always ways forward. It is just a matter of being positive and proactive. If I had reacted negatively, perhaps I would never have trodden that path again, which would have been a shame because it is a lovely walk.

Our brain can go into negative mode very easily if we let it. This relates to our evolutionary instincts. In the days when we humans lived in caves, being on survival mode was a priority for our daily survival. To deal with wild animals and other enemies the brain would trigger the fight/flight/depression mode based in the part of our brain called the Amygdala. Today we still have that mechanism in our brain and sometimes it triggers when we don’t really need it to. For example, perhaps once you had to make a speech and you thought of this as a negative thing, something to worry about. This would have triggered your brain into believing you were in a crisis situation. The result may have been a churning stomach, sweaty palms, a flushed face or a feeling you needed to dash to the toilet. This is your brain instigating anxiety to prepare you for a survival action such as running off or fighting. In some cases, this would still be useful but not when you need to make a speech. The brain then refers back to this reaction the next time you have to make a speech and the same happens again. But it is possible to break this cycle with Hypnotherapy.

In my Initial Consultation, I further explain the workings of the brain in a clear and straight forward manner. Having an understanding of this enables us to work together to put you on a more positive path. Using psychotherapy, which is a talking therapy and hypnosis we can remove obstacles such as anxiety, anger or depression. You can start to enjoy your life knowing that you can be calm and confident. You can follow the path you want to take.

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